Qingdao QBC Trading Co.Ltd.

About Us

     Coming from Northern China,bring with sailing city's vogue,here,we come.
As a professional natural stone company,we are designer,manufacturer,importer and exporter and in the position of supplying different kinds of natural stone products since 1995. By stocking a huge Quantity and range of raw materials,combining in closed relationship with different Quarries,and based on our modern-equipped factory,we are ensred to keep quality and continuous supply of products to our customers.
We are one of comprehensive companies,so our range of natural stone covers almost every dield of purpose,which is listed details in the catalogue.
By visiting our website www.united-stones.com,you will et whole idea about ours and more information is available by sending e-mail to ustones@163.com.
Thank you for your attention to our company and our products.      

Address: A402, No.63, HAIER RD, 266061,QINGDAO,CHINA TEL:+ 86 532 80997287   Email:ustone@united-stones.com